Christmas Saving Time

We have all experienced the absolute pain in the butt that Daylight Savings Time is; You have to change all of your clocks twice a year, it screws up your sleeping schedule resulting in general clumsiness and car accidents etc. (Not to mention that the extra hour of daylight causes your curtains to fade prematurely!) It is an old, outdated theory that doesn’t really benefit anybody except farmers…so why can’t farmers just set their alarms an hour early for half of the year? Its not like the farm animals know what time it is. I have a better idea that would benefit EVERYBODY; How about Christmas Savings Time? Here’s what I am thinking; for the last six months of the year, we skip the first Monday of the month and just go right into Tuesday, then, at Christmas week, we use all of those Mondays in a row as vacation. Since Monday is the least productive day in the workplace nobody will miss them, and then we can all enjoy a week of Christmas at home with our families!… now THAT makes sense!