Don’t Be A D##k…Pic Sender

Don't do it!!

Don’t do it, just don’t. Don’t be a D##k pic sender. I mean don’t send unsolicited pictures of your private parts to strangers. It’s not going to work, and it is rude. My friend has sought romance on some online dating sites, and the volume of prick pics that get sent to her inbox is unbelievable…I had no idea until she tried to show an example on Facebook live the other night (duh!)…and got cut off (double duh!)…that this kind of stuff went on. I know that some couples like to email and text naughty stuff to each other, and that’s fine IF YOU ACTUALLY KNOW EACH OTHER, but who introduces themselves with a picture of his fully erect junk? When my pal held her phone up to the camera with an example of her c##k shot compilation, I flinched, and almost puked, it was awful. I feel bad for anyone who opens a message from a stranger and has to see that, its like getting slapped. It’s f##king disgusting…knock it off.