Personality Test

Photo Credit Martin Brosy

Are you an Optimist, or a Pessimist? Here is a simple test that you can use to discover which category you fall under. Your results could differ from day to day, so come back often and easily decide if you are having a “Plays Well With Others” day, or a “Does NOT Play Well With Others” day. (as with any test you should consult with your physician before starting a new routine, or, if symptoms persist for more than four hours…or something like that…)

Okay, Ready? Here we go…Read the following sentence;

“This vacuum cleaner really sucks!”

Now ask yourself; did you read that sentence as an insult to the vacuum, or a compliment? If you read it as an insult to the vacuum, you are feeling pessimistic and should probably stay home. If you read it as a compliment to the vacuum, then you are feeling optimistic and you will likely play well with others today!

You’re welcome 🙂