Those Poor Dogs

Police Dog worried about his job
But that guy has WEED!!

Police dogs, that’s who I feel sorry for. Those poor dogs, through no choice of their own, spend their entire lives honing their skills to sniff out pot and alert their human partners to its presence, either by barking at its location, or sitting down in front of it. These best friends of Law Enforcement have always been rewarded for finding cannabis… and then it became legal. Now these poor dogs must be confused as heck. Imagine what they must be going through; now, they smell dope, start barking and… nothing.

Dog; “BARK!…BARK!… I found pot!”

Cop “Yep.”

Dog; “WOOF!… that guy right there!”

Cop; “I know.”

Dog; “BARK BARK BARK! So bust him!”

Cop; “I can’t.”

Dog; WOOF WOOF!  WTF man HE HAS POT!!!… BUST his ass!”

Cop; “I know but dope is legal now.”

Dog; “Seriously?… what about my future?”  🙁