Do you poach kangaroos in the Outback at night with that thing?

Dear Guy With The Four Billion Kilowatt Headlamps,

You sure are a great driver. I am surprised that its okay for the rest of us to share the roadway with you. I’m not sure where you were going, but it sure must be important. We would all have happily gotten out of your way, but you yourself were making that difficult to do; you see, when someone races right up to your bumper on the highway at night with those ridiculous High Intensity headlights on, the entire interior of your car lights-up and you can’t see out of the windows in order to change lanes to get out of the way. Its like being interrogated by a freaking Football Stadium. Really, what do you even need those lights for?…Do you poach kangaroos in the Outback at night or something? Get some normal headlights like the rest of us. Dumbass.