Wintercation… Stay As Long As You Like!!


Dear Winter,

I hope you are enjoying your trip out west. I am sure that all of those provinces between Saskatchewan and B.C. are REALLY happy to have you. In fact, I’m pretty sure that they would like you to stay. We held a big meeting out here, and have agreed that its okay with us if you would like to stay out there a little longer, in fact you can just skip your Ontario visit this year altogether, we can wait until next year to see you. It is important that you re-connect with the Western provinces; they really miss you, especially the Vancouver part of B.C….just be sure to come back for Christmas eve next year so that Santa has an easy landing!




PS ManitobaQuebecThe Maritimes, and The Territories said to say “Hi!” …. Newfoundland says to “eff off!” … so does Labrador, eh?