Dear Mechanic

Dear Owner Of The Mechanic’s Shop,

I don’t really have a photographic memory. When you were filling out my invoice, and asked if I knew my cars’s mileage, the only reason that I knew it off of the top of my head like that was that I had just read it out to your technician three times as he was inputting it into the computer to test my car’s emissions. When I backed up my claim by telling you that when I was here for my last emission test you could not find your pen, and that you were in a bad mood because one of your technicians called in sick with the flu so you had to do extra work, I was just bluffing; ¬†everybody loses their pen, and people often stay home with the flu in the winter. Sorry, I just can’t help myself sometimes. However, there is a small chance that I DO have a photographic memory… but I have most certainly never had any film for it!


Love Bakker