Two puppies who love to wrestle

Puppy Fight!

Ever since the day we brought these siblings home, they have started every day with a friendly tussle. It brings joy to my heart… I hope that it makes you smile.

Photo of a poppy


Just for a  minute. Stop, and appreciate everything around you. Be thankful for your life and freedom. Just for a minute. That’s all they ask. Stop. (and wear a poppy!)

Note Wishing The Parking Enforcement Officer a Happy Thanksgiving

Everyone Deserves A Happy Thanksgiving… Even The Parking Ticket Folks!

I believe that EVERYBODY deserves a Happy Thanksgiving…even the Parking Ticket Writer Folks. I get a ticket on my truck every holiday Monday, so this Thanksgiving, I left a friendly note;

Dear Parking Enforcement Officer,

I am sure that you will come by and give me a ticket on the Holiday Monday, and I just wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! I know that you are just doing your job. No hard feelings.




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