Buzz Viral

I Just Might

Spherical plains
Dividing the days
You shake your tongue
You’re moving on
No-one else near could

Venom and rage restrained
Defining your caged recourse
Finitely close
Light years away
Nothing else near could

No cliched rhetoric speeches
Said you’d heard it all before
And I’m standing right beside you
No-one else near could

Five days without you
Stealing colors from the nights
Yearn for beside you
In the voices of my mind
Ten years beside you
Seems a blink in my thought’s eye
From here to to Tuesday
Is all you’re asking for

Ten years beside you

Seems a blink in my thought’s eye
Cold wind and miles of pavement
Ember’s burn in sight
I feel redemption
Salvation by your side
If can’t wait until tomorrow
Then I just might



Don’t Be A D##k…Pic Sender

Don’t do it, just don’t. Don’t be a D##k pic sender. I mean don’t send unsolicited pictures of your private parts to strangers. It’s not going to work, and it is rude. My friend has sought romance on some online dating sites, and the volume of prick pics that get sent to her inbox is unbelievable…I had no idea until she tried to show an example on Facebook live the other night (duh!)…and got cut off (double duh!)…that this kind of stuff went on. I know that some couples like to email and text naughty stuff to each other, and that’s fine IF YOU ACTUALLY KNOW EACH OTHER, but who introduces themselves with a picture of his fully erect junk? When my pal held her phone up to the camera with an example of her c##k shot compilation, I flinched, and almost puked, it was awful. I feel bad for anyone who opens a message from a stranger and has to see that, its like getting slapped. It’s f##king disgusting…knock it off.

Two puppies who love to wrestle

Puppy Fight!

Ever since the day we brought these siblings home, they have started every day with a friendly tussle. It brings joy to my heart… I hope that it makes you smile.

Photo of a poppy


Just for a  minute. Stop, and appreciate everything around you. Be thankful for your life and freedom. Just for a minute. That’s all they ask. Stop. (and wear a poppy!)

Note Wishing The Parking Enforcement Officer a Happy Thanksgiving

Everyone Deserves A Happy Thanksgiving… Even The Parking Ticket Folks!

I believe that EVERYBODY deserves a Happy Thanksgiving…even the Parking Ticket Writer Folks. I get a ticket on my truck every holiday Monday, so this Thanksgiving, I left a friendly note;

Dear Parking Enforcement Officer,

I am sure that you will come by and give me a ticket on the Holiday Monday, and I just wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! I know that you are just doing your job. No hard feelings.