BAEgel passed!

Yep, its BAEgelAndCheese week here at, ad so it should be…it IS her birthweek, and a great one at that! Today she passed her tests for both of her driving permits (one for a car, and one for a motorcycle. She will be taking a motorcycle safety course this weekend. Congratulations BAEgel!

Christy’s Look-Off

The Bakkery made a stop at Christy’s Look-Off this past summer. While we were there, we took the opportunity to look-off, and liked it so much, that we thought that you would like to look-off too. We sent up our drone, and here is what it saw;

Here is where we saw it…

Map showing Christy's Look-Off location
Google Map showing location of Christy’s Look-Off

Christmas Saving Time

We have all experienced the absolute pain in the butt that Daylight Savings Time is; You have to change all of your clocks twice a year, it screws up your sleeping schedule resulting in general clumsiness and car accidents etc. (Not to mention that the extra hour of daylight causes your curtains to fade prematurely!) It is an old, outdated theory that doesn’t really benefit anybody except farmers…so why can’t farmers just set their alarms an hour early for half of the year? Its not like the farm animals know what time it is. I have a better idea that would benefit EVERYBODY; How about Christmas Savings Time? Here’s what I am thinking; for the last six months of the year, we skip the first Monday of the month and just go right into Tuesday, then, at Christmas week, we use all of those Mondays in a row as vacation. Since Monday is the least productive day in the workplace nobody will miss them, and then we can all enjoy a week of Christmas at home with our families!… now THAT makes sense!

Peggys Cove

The Bakkery stopped off at Peggy’s Cove to see what we could see…and we loved what we saw! In fact, we loved it so much, we hung around for two days just listening to the ocean crash against the rocks. Have a look at the video below, and join us for a quick drive through;




Andrew Floyd Junior, Team Nova Scotia Captain at the Football Canada Championship 2019

Andrew Floyd Junior is amazing. Simply amazing. Sure maybe I’m a little biased because I have known him since the day he was born, and The Bakkery loves him like family (because he is!) but I have the proof right here;


I mean c’mon, Captain of team Nova Scotia, AND Offensive Player of the game?… and check out his highlight reel link above! The kid is going places, and we are behind him all the way!


Congratulations Andrew, we love you, keep moving forward bro, NOTHING can stop you!

Offensive Player Of The Game Trophy
Team Captain AND Offensive Player Of The Game
Discussion on the big Q of Richardson Field
The Bakkery in the stands at Richardson Stadium
At Richardson Stadium to watch The Football Canada Cup 2019
Offensive Player Of The Game Trophy
Team Captain AND Offensive Player Of The Game

Road Trip!

I thought about my Take Time post the other day, and II agree with me; I should take some time, and so, I am heading East with The Bakkery. Our first stop is Kingston ON to see Andrew Floyd Jr. compete in the Canada Cup Football Championship as Captain for Team Nova Scotia.

Lake Ontario Google Maps

THAT is a really big lake!

Lake Ontario Google Maps
It doesn’t look so big on the map…. but try driving beside it for a few hours!

We made it to Kingston Ontario!  What really stood out to us is how big Lake Ontario is; its freaking HUGE! Sure it looks big when you are standing on the shore skipping rocks into it, but try driving beside it for a few hours, and you REALLY start to get an idea of how big it is! We were driving, and driving… and it was still right beside us! Its no wonder that back in the 1900’s when my father (fresh into Canada from England) thought that it was an ocean!

Dew drops on a blueberry bush

Take Time

It is so important to take the time to look closely at the things we see everyday, but perhaps don’t appreciate, or take the time to look closely. For example, the other night/early morning, BakkerBoy and I were outside messing around with our cameras trying to take a good picture of the full moon when we realized that our blueberry bushes had the coolest looking dew drops on them, so we shone our flashlight on them and took a photo. It was interesting to us that we were so busy trying to take a photo of an object thousands of kilometers away, we almost didn’t notice the beauty that was literally right there beside us… pretty sure that there is some kind of life lesson in there somewhere, but we will leave that up to you, we just want to share our photos with you!

Dewdrops on a Blueberry Bush
Take the time to appreciate the little things in life!