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It’s the weekend! Wanna go riding? Hundreds of kilometres of trails are available to ride on right here in Ontario, and you will be amazed at how inexpensive it is to buy a trail-pass for you to ride¬† them all season! Just visit The Ontario Federation Of Trail Riders website ( to begin your adventure.

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Steve Czulinski

My friend Bingo (Steve Czulinski) passed away a couple of years ago. He was more that a friend, he was a bandmate, and a brother to me. I was honoured to be asked to speak at his funeral. His sister Kathy reached out to me and asked me to write out what I had said …

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Here is the video that I made for a song called Chill. I wrote the lyrics, and melody, while my pal Rudy wrote and recorded the music. The video is special to me because it contains the most important people in my life, and I love them all. Enjoy!…

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