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The Bakkery beside Kempenfelt Bay in Barrie

Weekend Fun In Barrie

The Bakkery had a fun weekend! We piled into our achey-breaky Bakkery Mobile and took a short hop North.  We know that its not quite camping season, but we couldn’t resist the smell of Spring in the air, so off we went; here is a picture of us at Barrie‘s Centennial Park beside Kempenfelt Bay

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Photo Credit Martin Brosy

Personality Test

Are you an Optimist, or a Pessimist? Here is a simple test that you can use to discover which category you fall under. Your results could differ from day to day, so come back often and easily decide if you are having a “Plays Well With Others” day, or a “Does NOT Play Well With …

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Police Dog worried about his job

Those Poor Dogs

Police dogs, that’s who I feel sorry for. Those poor dogs, through no choice of their own, spend their entire lives honing their skills to sniff out pot and alert their human partners to its presence, either by barking at its location, or sitting down in front of it. These best friends of Law Enforcement …

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My New Hobby!

I have a new hobby…okay, maybe not a hobby, a pastime perhaps. Whatever you want to call it, it amuses me. (and it takes very little to amuse me!) If I find myself ordering in a fast-food restaurant, and they ask me for my name, I say “Marco”, then, when my order is ready and …

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Smoke Rises…

Since smoke rises, we are always told that in the event of a fire, we should stay as low as possible to avoid the smoke, and crawl to safety… so why are “EXIT” signs always so close to the ceiling? Wouldn’t it make more sense to also place “EXIT” signs at knee-level so that they …

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