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a pack of motorcycles

Fifth Annual Mario Liotine Memorial Run

  Had a chance to check out The Woodbridge Back Alley Cruisers’ Fifth Annual Mario Liotine Memorial run, and WOW were there some fine rides there (both two and four-wheeled) Have a look at the video below. (Song in the video; SPEED by Buzz Viral available here on iTunes) Thank-you to The Cruisers for your …

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Moon Gazing

BAEgelAndCheese and I tip-toed out late last night to have a look at some stars and oh boy was I shocked to get such a clear view of The Moon, here are some pictures; they don’t really do justice to what you actually see through the telescope with your own eye, but if you zoom-in …

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Dear Neighbor that called me a racist, Although I applaud your efforts to call-out racism, I have to let you know that when you overheard me me telling my daughter not to use the white people towels to clean up a spill; I was referring to the white “people” towels, as opposed to the green …

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Misty Cornell

I have a friend named Misty. I haven’t seen her in-person for a couple of years, but she has left such a positive impression on me, that I often think of her, and when I see her posts online, I always smile. You see, Misty is one of the most positive people that you could …

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Shi-tzu flat on her back with her paws in the air

Our Dog The Sloth

I heard snoring coming from a bedroom the other day, unusal because everybody in our house was awake in the living room. I went to investigate, and caught this member of our Muttley Crew lazily napping the other day…flat on her back with her paws (arms?) straight up in the air… Is this normal for …

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